Theme Camp Ideas

So first of all, I’m okay with the theme camp since it sounds like it will be all about keeping it simple.  Simple and easy can help make it more fun for all of us.

I dig the idea of a pajama party as out Extrovert Night.  If I may add to the idea, the theme this year is Rites of Passage, so could would call it a 21st Birthday party?  Or use some sort of milestone (where drinking is common) as a part of the theme.  Just to make sure we over load our application with theme oriented stuff.

Haven’t come up with a good quiet sort of idea for the Introvert Night.  Maybe prom?  You know where everyone is a wall flower.  I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud. 

That’s all for now. 


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Let’s get this party started!

So. What do we need to do to get all our campmates on this site? We need to start planning what the heck we are going to do.


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Notes and highlights and low points from 2010

  • The couple who came to visit, he in kilt, her in skirt.  We convinced them to swap bottoms, so they did on the spot…then went about their business.
  • Friday night walking back to camp, Adrianna and I found a girl in a heap on the open playa, stuck in the nook of one of the lantern posts.  Completely unresponsive.  Medics had to poke her for ages before she moved at all.
  • The obnoxious brit who came into camp demanding hard liquor.  After much back and forth he eventually let loose about his brother dying the 2 weeks prior.  :/  V talked him down a bit, and helped him find a new headspace.
  • We met some new folks associated with destiny’s lounge before we even made it to the playa.  Met them on “Waze”, and had dinner in reno, and YAY even got Elaine to come out too!
  • Greeters may be the best thing the playa has to offer in some ways.  It was definitely an eye opening thing.  Never going back through without something to give them as a thank you.  🙂
  • Meandering about the playa on a giant stuffed bunny car wasn’t half bad!

and some ideas for years to come?

  • A white board or similar to leave notes and contacts when people come to visit camp
  • A big board with the full map and markers to mark where we find friends camping
  • Check into Secret Garden party, it’s the UK Burn.
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Our new home

Welcome home friends

Coming soon

  • Mailing List   -DONE
  • Forum
  • Voting
  • Blog   -DONE (Ask me for an account)
  • Shared document space for co-planning etc.
  • Gallery  (tried NEXTgen gallery, not a fan.  in-line embedding only)
  • File Storage for Designs and Logos

Any additional requests?

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